Best Way To Clean Teak On A Boat

Best Way To Clean Teak On A Boat Learn how to clean a boat using the property technique and equipment. See how to remove grime, fish blood, and prevent mildew stains. Cleaning your vinyl boats seats regularly is the best way to prevent mildew stains from building up in the first place. Mildew stains can prematurely age your boat... On steel boats where deck webbing creates some areas where teak has to be laid over flat steel, the Especially decks fastened from underneath the best technique Never clean a teak deck with chemicals. Most will remove the natural teak oil and make the deck require more frequent cleaning. In the first of our 12part maintenance series, Nick Burnham guides you through the best techniques to clean your teak decks. There's nothing like the golden glow of a freshly cleaned teak deck to make your boat look like new but everyone seems to have a different idea about how to achieve it. To best clean your boat's teak use BoatLife's teak care products. T